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The Magic Carpet

We greatly enjoyed and were amazed by one of Disney's all-time favorite movies, Aladdin. We were introduced to a living and flying creature, the Magic Carpet. How we wish we can fly around the world, fight enemies and find our true love through that Magic Carpet. But...

What are Baseboards for?

While it is true that home baseboards make our houses more appealing, they were surely made for something more than that. Baseboards are put to its place mainly for protection and prevention from damages not just purely aesthetic. It is highly recommended that drywall...

Tips in Choosing Your Home Paints

We have heard it before, "The colors you choose speak a whole lot about you." That is why most of us are choosing colors that creates a good impression to those who will see it. There is nothing wrong about our choices, we are always entitled with it. But most of the...


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