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(on approved credit)

Choosing the people who will renovate your home—your most cherished and intimate place—is a big deal. You’ll be trusting them with a lot, and you don’t want to hire someone who will break that trust.

We get it: contractors who never call back, show up late to appointments, drag out their work for months on end, and cost way more than the quote they gave you are the worst.

It’s why good people like you are skeptical of who you hire, and we totally understand where you’re coming from.

Which is why we set up our company the way we did

  • We call you back, every single time.
  • We’re not late to appointments. (But if something out of our control happens—like a traffic jam or some other problem—we call you to let you know.)
  • ALL of our work is guaranteed with a lifetime warranty. (As in, entire life, not just a measly one-year warranty most companies give you.)
  • You get accidental damage coverage on the work we do… because guests and children do sometimes wreak havoc.
  • 0% interest for 12 months. (That’s right. Free money for a year on approved credit.)
  • We’ve got all the proper licenses and insurances so if anything happens on your property, you have nothing to worry about.
  • Our work is bonded. This means we’ve taken out an insurance policy for you, the property owner. It’s us giving you legal & financial protection if for some strange reason we fail to complete the job.
  • If there are two decision-makers in your home, we take the time to talk to, answer, and explain any & all of your questions, doubts, and concerns. We don’t believe in stupid questions.

All of this means working with us is virtually zero-risk for all of our customers.

PLUS we’ve won Best of Home Advisor, Best of Thumbtack, and Elite Contractor with Home Advisor.

We’ve got well over 140 5-star
reviews, and more than 50 4-star reviews.





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Choose a Contractor You WON’T Regret Working With

It makes a difference when you work with someone you can trust. You’re not constantly watching the clock waiting for them to come over. Your spouse doesn’t miss out on the conversation and the quoting process because he/she had to go to work before we showed up. Instead, our guys just show up, do the job, work WITH you to make sure it’s what you want, and everyone has a happy day.

In fact, there’s a questionnaire at the bottom of this flyer you can print out and use to interview every single contractor you interview for your home renovations.

This makes it easy to weigh out the pros and cons of each contractor you get a quote from, and decide which one is best for you home.

(Even if you don’t choose us, we want you to choose the right contractor for you. Too often people use price as the deciding factor because they don’t know what else to consider, but saving $200 now could end up costing you $2,000+ in the long-run if you don’t know what you’re looking for.)

One-Stop Solution for Home Improvement Services Across Mesa, Maricopa County

Designing your dream home, sourcing the correct materials required and getting the job completed to the standard you deserve can be a challenge, particularly if you are on a budget! To help homeowners in Mesa and all over Maricopa County who want a beautiful home without wanting to waste time using multiple suppliers, we are a home design company that has brought together a wide range of high-quality products and services in one place.

Read more.

Our skilled team of designers works with some of the leading suppliers of home improvement products in the area to bring you high-quality goods at a fair price. Not only are we an interior design company that brings you the premium products you need for your home, but we also have large amounts of tips, tricks, and inspiration for interior design projects, which we are delighted to share with our customers. No matter what size, shape or condition your home may be in, we would value the opportunity to give you the resources you need to improve it for less.

Full Suite of Flooring Services for Mesa, Maricopa County

One of the key features in any room is the right flooring. It can make or break the interior of your home! Not only does flooring need to have the right color, texture and look to complement the other aspects of your décor, it also needs to be appropriate for the room’s function, its occupants, level of traffic and some other variables. We have brought together a stunning collection of flooring, which has been chosen to provide perfect flooring answers. Our flooring options include:

Also, if you need a flooring installer, our skilled, experienced team is always on hand to help.

Mesa, Maricopa Suppliers for Your Quartz Countertops

We know that no one wants to pay more than they need to for their granite countertop or a marble countertop. That is why every countertops we offer is priced less than you would find elsewhere. Our customers benefit from stunning discounts on bathroom and kitchens countertops, as well as a host of other interior fittings and fixtures. Our talented team of design experts selects top lines with exceptional visual appeal, ensuring you end up with a beautiful result that complements the rest of your home perfectly. In addition to countertops, we can also give you access to skilled stone workers to ensure perfect installation and shaping.

Wall Painting Materials for Homes in Mesa, Maricopa County

Our house painting
supplies enable you to transform your interior walls, woodwork, metal work and more. Including specialist paints as well as more generic, versatile alternatives, we have paints suitable for almost any property. We also have a large amount of advice and tips available, maximizing the chances of getting the results you want.

Baseboards Can Transform Your Mesa, Maricopa Property

In addition to paints, flooring, countertops and more, we also have a selection of accessories such as Baseboards. These have been chosen to complement the other products on offer, enabling you to shop for an entire project when you use us for your interior supplies. To find out more, call us at (480) 463-4517.

We Are Proud to Serve:

Phoenix, Glendale, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, Peoria, Avondale, Surprise, Litchfield Park, Good Year, Apache Junction, Ahwatukee, Buckeye, Cave Creek, Sun City, Rio Verde, Guadalupe.



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Reviews for Home Solutionz

Arthtur R.

They were professional from beginning to end. Kevin, salesman, Heber, project manager and Justin, tile installer took care of all my concerns and questions in a professional manner as if I was their only customer. I truly appreciate the file product and how honest they were with me.

Troy S.

Quick response, professional in every way. Great communication and quality service.

Teresa T.

My project was an unusual one that posed several difficulties. They made sure to send out James Beauchaine, a master craftsman who is very knowledgeable and experienced in multiple areas, and could tackle such a project. The results were excellent.

Brandon C.

Paul handled our estimate and was extremely fast and very professional. They worked around our schedule and everything went very smoothly. Adam was a true pro and had the back splash up and looking amazing in no time. Great experience and will use them again!

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TV-Worthy Home Renovations… Because we ALL deserve
to live in our dream homes. Even if they’re not mansions
in the Hollywood Hills.

(And creating your “dream home” is usually so much easier than you ever thought it’d be.)

The kind of living room you’ll want to spend ALL your extra hours in, with your whole family together?

A master suite that feels like a luxury five-star resort hotel?

New floors that make your entire home feel brand new?

These are home improvements you’ll never get tired of looking at. You’ll find yourself going into that room more often, just so you can sneak glimpses of how great it looks again and again.


It’s beautiful, and it’s protected. Forever.





Reviews for Home Solutionz

Rachel R.

Very professional to work with. Joe was very responsive and answered all of my questions and concerns in a timely manner. They have a lifetime guarantee for their work and I would hire them again.

Tot W.

I really appreciated that Joe and Josh brought the carpet samples to my house and we could see them in our bedroom. The installer Tyler was really neat and efficient. He removed and hauled away all of our laminate and then installed the carpet by himself and in less than 8 hours. We have very plush carpet for our master bedroom and it feels so nice!

Ben H.

Great company to work with, And had a lot of what I was looking for. The people here are great. I would recommend to anyone!

Contractor Questionnaire

  • Make sure both decision makers are home, if you’re a couple.
  • Brainstorm a list of any questions and doubts you can think of beforehand, so you’ll know what to ask.
  • Don’t be afraid to take notes and jot down questions as the company representative is looking over your home and talking about the work to be done.
  • If one contractor mentions something another doesn’t, ask them about it.
  • Don’t be afraid to push for information about warranties, payment policies, licenses, and if the work is bonded.
  • Name of company:
  • How long Have you been in Business
  • Process used to generate quote:
  • Quote given & work for that quote:
  • What are their interest payment terms?
  • Estimated timeline:
  • Do they offer a lifetime warranty?
  • What kind of guarantees come with their work?
  • Do they have the proper licenses and insurance and can they show proof?
  • Is their work bonded in case something happens and they can’t deliver?
  • Have they won any awards for their work?

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