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    “Which Flooring Type Lasts the Longest?”

    “Which Flooring Type Lasts the Longest?”

    This November, it is time to honor the men and women who stood strong for the longest time for the county. On November 11, the United States honors its veterans. On the anniversary of the end of World War I, there is a holiday honoring men and women who fought in the U.S. armed forces. Truly, they have passed the test of time. In our homes, on the other hand, we also long for materials that possess strength that would last for years. 

    Your home’s floor serves as the foundation for how you and your family live. It may be something you walk on every day without giving it much thought, but it is still an important component of your house. The good news is that there are many flooring solutions that are both beautiful and durable available today.

    • Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

    If properly maintained, any form of tile (ceramic or porcelain) can last for a very long time. This includes meticulous cleaning with non-abrasive, non-acidic solutions and correct installation. The resilience of a tile to force and its resistance to dents, scratches, and water are the two criteria that define its durability. When someone discusses tile flooring, the ease of cleaning it immediately comes to mind. Tile flooring offers other advantages than that, though.

    • Natural Stone

    In contrast to manufactured stone items, natural stone is made from a variety of mountain-born minerals and is often composed of marble, granite, travertine, limestone, and sandstone. The strongest and most resilient option available, natural stone floor tiles are perfect for frequent or everyday use. Stone holds up well in a home with kids and dogs and does not deteriorate as quickly as most other flooring types. In addition, natural stone has a highly attractive and organic aesthetic influence that draws people closer to nature.

    • Hardwood Flooring

    The major benefit is that it can be repaired and refinished up to five times, which suggests that it will likely endure longer in the long term than many other floor kinds. Many hardwood floors persist for many generations when properly cared for and maintained. Since you might need to repair these floors less frequently than other types of floors over time due to their durability, they are also a cost-effective investment.

    • Luxury Vinyl

    Flexible and entirely water-resistant, vinyl flooring is made to last. Over a felt layer, PVC is used to create vinyl flooring. Vinyl is a great option for even the roughest family living, whether you have pets and/or children, as it can withstand heavy foot traffic and helps to reduce noise. Additionally, skip the pricey teak flooring samples and choose vinyl if you want a water-resistant wood floor instead of teak! Due to its plastic construction, vinyl plank is always water-resistant.

    Choose flooring that would also stand the test of time. Home Solutionz sets the standard for quality and affordability. Home Solutionz offers engineered and strong wood flooring, baseboards, carpet, hardwood, tile, laminate, and vinyl. If you’re looking for flooring installation or replacement in Phoenix, Arizona, trust our combined industry expertise. We’re confident in our ability to provide outstanding services for your home or company. Home Solutionz has you covered if you need high-quality finished or unfinished wood flooring. Call Home Solutionz right now at 480-463-4517 for an on-site estimate all for FREE.

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