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(Five Things You Need To Know About Vinyl Planks)

The popularity of Vinyl Planks became undeniable for the fact that more and more consumers prefer its durability, price, and stylish appearance. The easy installation, long-lasting quality, and comfortability also add up to the reasons why most homemakers prefer Vinyl Planks. Aside from being a popular alternative for expensive floorings, what do we need to know about Vinyl Planks? We listed down five of the most important things you should know about this type of flooring and why this is one of the best choices for your home.

The first reason is its durability. If properly installed and maintained, vinyl flooring can last for up to 10-20 years. With that being said, vinyl is a great choice for the rooms in your home. Moreover, most vinyl flooring has a layer of wear on its surface that resists scratches and stains. Construction improvements have greatly increased the durability and longevity of both flooring types. Some vinyl items also provide wear layer warranties of up to 15 years. As with any flooring, the quality of the material you buy will affect how long it will last.

We’ve talked about scratches and stains, these are related to another reason why a vinyl plank is the best. Vinyl planks have an incredible stain resistance that works perfectly for your home. Some vinyl tiling has a wear layer that resists stains and spills-with printed vinyl tiles and sheets you can expect this protection. On the other hand, this surface protection does not apply to solid and composite vinyl tiles. As such, they are more susceptible to stains, and occasionally require stripping and polishing to keep them looking new.

Aside from these, vinyl planks are used as a substitute for expensive floorings. Vinyl planks are low-cost. You can expect to have it installed from $2-$12 per square foot. Luxury Vinyl Tile — or LVT for those of us in the biz — is similarly inexpensive to install, costing an average of $3-$14 per square foot. When comparing the cost of wood, stone, or ceramic flooring, vinyl offers considerable cost savings. And if you are handy, you can cut costs even more by installing vinyl flooring.

Another thing that you’ll admire about vinyl planks is it is aesthetic quality. With so many different vinyl flooring colors and patterns, your options are almost endless. Solid and composite vinyl, for example, can be mixed to make special, random designs. Or consider vinyl in printed form. With it, you can create stone or hardwood looks without the cost of using those natural materials.

Apart from it being stylish and diverse in design, its maintenance tends to be somewhat challenging. Simply run a damp mop over it (using an approved vinyl floor cleaner) after sweeping your vinyl floor to remove dirt and grit, to keep your flooring looking its best. Most vinyl flooring has a “no-wax” finish and after mopping will look just as shiny as the day you purchased it.

With all of these being said, Vinyl floorings no longer serve as imitations or cheap alternatives to other types of floorings. It has created a name because of these amazing qualities for years. If you are looking for a stylish finish for your flooring, Vinyl planks are what you are looking for!

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