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At Home Solutionz PC, we understand that sometimes you just want a quick answer to your question. You don’t want to call in, use live chat or even talk to anyone. You want the feeling of accomplishment you get when you do it yourself, and we make that possible with our helpful list of frequently asked questions. While we understand that some things may be too difficult to handle on your own, we’ve compiled a list of things that you may be able to do yourself. If you have any concerns or questions that cannot be answered through this list, feel free to contact us.

Download Definition

Downloading items from the internet just means that you are transferring information or data from the internet to your computer using the internet. Popular downloadable items include programs, applications, music and videos.

Installing Programs Without Additional Adware/Options

It is important to read each screen carefully. Many websites and programs want to offer you extra services and products, most free of charge. However, these things can bog down your computer and may not be wanted. Each website must include an opt-out option, so uncheck the boxes for the items you do not want.

Avoid More Add-ons And Toolbars

If you don’t wish to have more toolbars or add-ons, you can likely follow the tips above. However, you should also use an antivirus/antimalware program and use safe browsing practices to protect yourself and your device from these unwanted additions.

Antivirus Programs

Having an antivirus program is essential, but there are many options out there. It is important to know that quality matters and some AV programs are spyware in disguise. Choose a trusted brand or company, and ensure that they update their definitions frequently.

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