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    HS - Backsplash

    Behind Every Great Sinks and Countertops is a Backsplash

    Why not?

    There is one main reason why a house-owner is putting this vertical extension to a kitchen counter, or behind any bathroom sinks-protection.

    The purpose of a backsplash is basically functional. It is actually imperative and highly recommended for every kitchen counters and bathroom sinks to have a backsplash behind it. It protects the unintended splashes of water to go directly to a wall.

    Consistent water splashes on the walls could deteriorate wall paints. It could also start moss to develop on it which is not very pleasing to the eye.

    Backsplashes are especially made to stand the test of time and, of course, to repel unintentional water splashes on the wall (even the intentional ones).

    Backsplashes could also have your plain-looking walls to appear in style. Aside from its primary purpose, which is for protection, it could also beautify the overall looks of your kitchen and restroom.

    The common materials in making a backsplash are ceramic tiles because of its durability. Ceramic Tiles are glazed with water-repellant material so it could just slide down water splashes.

    You could choose different designs and be as creative as you can for there are lots of choices available in installing backsplashes. Home Solutionz is not just expert in doing the job, but also dedicated and passionate in providing quality backsplashes to its customers.

    And if you are thinking of putting new backsplashes on your house, choose Home Solutionz and experience quality.

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